The Best Free Anti Adware and Malware (removal Tool) for Mac

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Users think that Mac doesn’t require any Anti Virus software, and there is truth in it. I have been using Mac for so long, and never faced any issue. I never installed any Anti Virus, Anti Adware or Malware app on my system. However, there are times when you need it. You don’t need to keep it installed on your system. Just use it, and remove after your work is done. It happens when you visit some shitty sites to watch Online Movies or try to download free apps.

Recently I downloaded an app, and a Mac Cleaner app got installed on my system without my permission as I have allowed my Mac to download apps from anywhere. I need it as I keep testing new apps. For a normal user, it is recommended to keep the settings to download apps from Mac App Store and Identified Developer. It can be done following these instructions;

Change App installation prefrence on Mac OS X

  • Open System Preferences on your Mac OS X
  • Click on Security and Privacy
  • Click on the lock icon (located on the left bottom), enter your password and press Enter. Now the lock icon will change into unlock icon (like lock has been unlocked)
  • Now select Mac App Store and Identified Developed under Allowed apps download from
  • Click on the Lock icon again as it is in unlocked at this time

You are done!

However, Mac Cleaner App that got installed itself without my consent, I removed it from the app. I thought it’s done, but I started getting pop up notification on my Mac now and then. It started asking download this and download that. Sometimes it installed that app again. I ignored for a couple of days, but later thought to clean it. So I tested these tools;

BitDefender’s Adware Removal Tool (Don’t try this stupid tool)

I had a great experience from BitDefender as a Windows user. It worked very well as Anti Adware tool. So I installed it on my Mac. It scanned, and found VSearch only, asked me to clean. I cleaned it, and restarted my Mac. I even tried BitDefender’s Anti Virus app. It didn’t solve the issue.

Apple Support

I googled for more detail on Anti Adware and Malware (removal tool). I found the instruction on Apple Support to remove the adware. The guide given on Apple Support was so stupid. I don’t know if someone really has that much time to follow those technical stuffs.

Malwarebytes Anti Adware and Malware (Removal tool)

Anti Malware and Adware tool for Mac

This is what resolved my issue. Malwarebytes worked as pure cure for my MacBook. It didn’t require even installation. I just downloaded it from here for free. Launched the app, scanned it. It found so many shitty stuffs on my Mac that you can see in above image. I just cleaned it, and restarted Mac. Scanned it again, and all were gone. It took less than 3 mins to resolve the issue. It seems to be the best Anti Adware and Malware tool for Mac.

It is how you can also remove Adware or Malware from your Mac.