Two Chinese men tried selling their Kidney for iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s fanboys

We were stunned to hear this news, but this is what happened in China. Two apple fanboys tried to sell their kidney to buy iPhone 6s. We all know that iPhone 6s falls under high-end smartphones, and the cheapest one with 16GB storage costs $ 649. So this won’t come under budget of every people. However, doing such act is insane.

This incident occurred in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province. Those two man has been identified as Wu and Huang. Wu wanted to buy an iPhone 6s, but he was out of budget. Huang wanted to have the same, but he had the same issue. Huang suggested Wu to sell one kidney, and they both agreed on this act.

After making this decision, they found an illegal broker on the internet. The broker asked them to reach a hospital in Nanjing, state-run China to go through medical test. However, the agent didn’t show up.

After this incident, Wu realized that selling a kidney for iPhone 6s is insane. So he tried to stop Huang to do so. Huang denied, and still wanted to do as they decided. Finally, Wu called police and Huang ran away. He has not been seen after that incident. He just disappeared, or may be planning something else.

How can someone be that kind of crazy to sell the body organ to buy something entertaining? If it was about something very important they needed for themselves or family, it could be defined as act of sacrifice. But what would say about this?


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