iOS VS Android or India VS Pakistan? OMG!

iOS VS android war featured images

Have you ever saw fight between Android and iOS users? It’s like World Ware III. They can’t allow anyone speak ill against iOS/Android. You must have heard about India and Pakistan, they have been in bad relation since 1947 (after independence). They never got in friendly terms. Android VS iOS will get more points against India VS Pakistan. LOL!

The World-Wide-Web is full with many comments. Some are amusing, some are annoying, some are disgusting and some are even abusive. This is not possible to show you all the comment here, but I will mentions some comments that you can read.

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Andoid VS iOS Hate



What did you find? People are so crazy, and just want to pull each others leg. They left Android and iOS behind and fighting about English Language and Grammar.
Here is another screenshot 😉
Android vs iOS fight
Forget Android and iOS, it’s about Nationality and Humanity now. Americans and humans are dumb. I hope KinKong doesn’t own a smartphone, does he?
Android VS iOS Warzone
It started from Android and iOS–>Nationality–>Humanity–>English Language–>Sarcasm–>Racism….. Something more……
iOS vS android aggresive comments
Abusive was remaining, and it completes the topic now. LOL! It was funny as well as annoying.

A request to all smartphone users

Whether you use Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry, it’s your own choice. You are not forced by anyone or by any company. You buy what you like, and make your own choice. So what are you fighting for? Let others use what they want, and don’t make each others life difficult. Smartphone or OS makers will not pay you even a single penny for this act. Be human, and don’t lose your moral!

Thanks for reading!

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