Latest Report : Top Smartphone Company, OS and Apps in the US

The latest report shows that Apple is continuously leading in the US smartphone market, but Android remains the number one smartphone platform. According to comScore report Apple rose 1.5% in the second quarter in comparison to the first quarter of 2015, but Samsung went down by 0.2%. LG and Motorola both lost 0.1% customers and HTC seems to be the great looser here loosing 0.4% customer. They have not included Sony, or simply it doesn’t fall in top 5 list.

Top Smartphone Company in US

Top Smartphone Company in US

Android still remains the top smartphone platform, however it lost 0.8 % users in the second quarter. iOS gained 1.5% users, Windows and Blackberry both lost 0.4% customers.

Top Mobile Platform(OS) in US

Top Mobile Platform(OS) in US

Top Smartphone App in US

Facebook scored the highest claiming 71.8 % of app audience. YouTube got 56.3% audience, followed by Facebook Messenger 54.5%, Google Search 50%, Google Play 49.8%, Google Maps 47.7%, Pandora Radio 42.8% and so on…

Top Smartphone apps in US

Twitter is going down and down, and it seems it will go off from top 15 list soon. iTunes Radio stays at 25.7%, but it should go up in the next quarter, because Apple Music has been launched recently.


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