The Telegram Service is interrupted because of a ‘Denial Of Service’ (DDoS)

telegram app ddos attack

If you’re using Telegram, possibly already have noticed that today it is not working; this information will help you a bit about the reasons to be sure.

Telegram took little time in the field to expands itself around the world, but before long, has become popular for its versatility and striking features, unfortunately these features in addition to making it a popular application brings a series of nasty enemies, own brands that are used to manage its position in the market for online services.
Today Telegram service does not work properly, because their creators had mentioned on its official Twitter account, that they are victims of a denial of service attack, or better known as DDoS attack.

Previously on Tecnofanatico already described about such attacks, but for those who do not know about this attack, I try to explain briefly again. In Clear words, those who execute this attack do not want anything good, but unlike what many people think, these attacks are not made to steal information or turn a profit at the expense of such information, instead these attacks have the sole purpose of denying access to any server; this service using hundreds of computers that “trigger” connection to the server at once, making this collapse and simply at the end they do not be able to get a connection again.

Generally when services are being attacked, there are the same network administrators who are responsible for putting the service offline, unfortunately, as it is a relentless attack on the same IP, when trying to reconnect meet again with thousands of connections, consequently dispose of the service, and so it may take days. The aim of these attacks, mostly having to do with money, or something like: “You pay me; else I’ll leave your server to attack.” In some cases the victims prefer to pay to solve the problem, it’s the simplest, but most risky because it can turn into an endless story. The other services do not have access to the payment must work together with suppliers of servers / network and find a way to change these settings, assign new IPs and leaving for the service online, this time taking security measures necessary to avoid falling back into this kind of blackmailing, a move that may take many hours, even days.

Currently, and as mentioned in the Twitter account, Telegram are still victims of the attack, but since working with Telecom Italia, Cable & Wireless Comms, to give prompt solution.