Tengi Social Messaging app offers prizes and coupons

Tengi Social Messaging App

There are many social messaging apps you can use, WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO and so on… It is very difficult to make someone use a new app when most of the users are using WhatsApp. However, money can change everything and almost anything. Tengi turned out to be very wise in terms of making people use their app.

What is Tengi

Tengi is a social messaging application, like WhatsApp, Telegram etc.. It allows to send text, photos, videos, emotions, and you can also create group and have group conversation. Tengi App is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You need internet connection on your device to use this app.

New Feature : Tengi allows to connect to FaceBook account, and chat with your FaceBook friends without knowing their contact number, provided that your FaceBook friend is also using Tengi App.

What kind of Coupon or Prize Tengi offers

Tengi offers prizes in terms of cash or coupon. The top prize someone can win is £10,000 or $14,000 or 10,00,000 RS in cash.

Is their any region restriction

App can be downloaded and use by anyone. However, you must be from United States, United Kingdom or India to win the Prizes.

How do I win Prizes using Tengi App

Tengi offers free tickets and those tickets are used to win the prize. Here are some basic rules;

  • You must have at least one ticket to be qualified for Tengi draw
  • You must launch app at least once during draw period. The draw period is counted from Friday 13:00:00 GMT to the following Friday 12:59:59 GMT, and the Prize winners are drawn every Friday at 13:00:00 GMT
  • You must be resident of India, United States or United Kingdom
  • You must have at least one friend listed in Tengi app for large value prize
  • You must be at least 16 years old (18 years for Indian)
  • You should not have multiple accounts
  • Visit this page for full set of rules

The more tickets you have, the more opportunity you get to win.

How do I get more tickets

You can earn tickets by following methods

  • Joining Tengi app will give you 2 free tickets
  • You get 16 tickets for each phone contacts that join Tengi. You can invite your friends via SMS, Email or other Socila Messaging apps
  • 1 Ticket every time a phone contact wins
  • 1 ticket every day if you use Tengi
  • 12 tickets for each hour you use Tengi texting your friends
  • 1 ticket each draw if you keep the app installed

Why Tengi offers prizes even the app is free to install and use

Tengi doesn’t pay from their own pocket. They share 50% of revenue they earn from the app by advertisement.

How do I get Tengi App

Android Users can Download from Google Play Store

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can get on App Store

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