Use FaceBook Like a Pro with these Tricks to Search People

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FaceBook is the top second Website in the United States leaving YouTube Behind. However, YouTube is still the top second if we consider users around the world. Well, I will leave the ranking thing here, and come to the topic. We all know how to use FaceBook, but there are many tricks to use FaceBook People Search like a Pro. It will help to find most accurate and filtered result.

Use FaceBook People Search like a Pro with these search tricks

1. Find FaceBook Users who liked a Certain Page

If you want to find FaceBook Users who have liked a certain page, you can simply type People who like Page Name without quotes in search, and hit the Enter key. You will see all the users who have liked. This trick could be very useful if you are running a FaceBook Page, and want to bring more people to your page.

Example : People who like TechCrunch

People Who liked a page

2. Find People who liked multiple pages

If you want to find FaceBook Users who have liked multiple pages, you can customize the result typing “People who like Page1 and Page2” in the search field.

Example : People who like Everbuying and GearBest

People who liked multiple pages

3. # Tag usage in FaceBook Search

# tag is used to mention something or someone in a post. If you are looking for FaceBook posts for about certain things. You can use # tag in the search. For Example, If you are looking for posts that must have Rihanna mentioned in it or the posts that have been made to get Rihanna attention, you can type #Rihanna in FaceBook Search, and hit Enter. In the same way, you can also type #Product #UserName #BusinessName or anything to search.


4. Find your Female or Male friends

When you go to your Friends list, it shows all the friends including male and female. However, if you want to apply a filter and find your male and female friends separately, you can do it via Search. You can type “My Male Friends” or “My Female Friends” in search to filter the result.

Example : My female Friends

My female friends

5. Looking for men/women interested in women/men?

FaceBook is not really a dating website, but its custom search is very useful when you are looking for something specific. Whether you are a man and looking for a woman, or you are a man looking for a man, you can filter the result.

Keywords to type;

  1. Women interested in men
  2. Man interested in women
  3. Women interested in women
  4. Men Interested in men
  5. Women interested in women and men
  6. Men interested in men and women

Example : Women Interested in Men

Interested in males

6. Find People, Male or Female from Certain location

If you are looking for People from a certain place, you can type “People from City, Country” or “Man/Women from City, Country”.


  • Women from Dublin, Ireland
  • People from Dublin, Ireland

People from Dublin Ireland on FB

7. Find people who work at any specific company

Use this search term “People who work at CompanyName Country”

Example : People who at IBM India

People Who Work at IBM India

8. Search people by age

This trick will help you find people, male or female who were born in 1990, 1992, 1980 or any year. Here are the search terms you can use on FaceBook.

  1. People who were born in 1985
  2. Men who were born in 1988
  3. Women who were born in 1990

Search people by age on faceBook

9. Search People who speak any specific language

If you are trying to find only those people who speak any certain language, you can just type “LanguageName Speakers” in the search field, e.g. French Speaker.

Looking for people from a country who speak any specific language? Use this search term “LanguageName Speakers who live in CityName, CountryName”

Example :  French Speakers who live in New Delhi, India

French Speaker from new delhi India

10. Find people with name, but from a certain location

Finding people with the name may be tough sometimes because FaceBook will show many results with the same name. If this is the case you can use the following search term to customize the result.

People named “Full Name” who live in City Name, Country Name

Type full name if you know, else partial name will also do. For example, I am looking for someone from London, I know the first name only (Britney). In such case, I will type; People named “Britney” who live in London, United Kingdom

Custom People search on FaceBook