Telegram reaches 30 million monthly active users

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telegram app

As we know, Telegram is a mobile messaging application, and it’s not been long when the app was launched. Well, this app has made a good reputation with its secured messaging service which provides more security than other messaging apps. Its amazing features have led this app to a great success just in a few months. The application which had 100,000 active users everyday in October 2013, now it has reached 15 million daily active users, and 35 million monthly. Here is the screenshot of a tweet posted by Telegram on 24th March 2013.

telegram tweets screenshot

There is a huge increment in the number of Telegram users, and Telegram had the server issue in February. You can see the below screenshot of a tweet posted by Telegram which says the insane growth created issue in Europe and it was down for 2 hrs, and they added servers to resolve it.

telegram server down

Telegram hit the tech world in the right time, because the news of WhatsApp sale and the privacy breach made many users to use Telegram, and Telegram had 5 million downloads in 24 hours only. Everyone needs privacy, and Telegram got the benefits, though there is a huge difference between WhatsApp and Telegram users (in terms of numbers), but in a short period, hitting that many users is a great achievement.

Telegram is available for Android and iOS only, but you don’t need to be sad if you have neither, because its Open Source Cross Platform Messenger and it has open protocol and API for each and every users. So, if you are a developer, you can start creating something great. Telegram has a web-based app (webogram), webogram chrome app, it’s available for Windows and Linux users as well, but these all are unofficial. So, we can say that it’s available for everyone.

All the Telegrams messages are heavily encrypted, and you can access you messages from multiple devices. The best part is that, it’s free whereas WhatsApp charges from the second year. If it free, you might think about the annoying ads, but Telegram doesn’t serve any ads on the app. Telegram doesn’t bind you in the limit, it gives you the flexibility to use as much as you want and transfer as much data as you like without limiting the size of the media files. Don’t you think that if it continues like that, WhatsApp will have to think something better to serve.