T-Mobile offers iPhone 6s for $5 a month when you trade-in your old model

T-Mobile iphone 6s $5 upgrade plan

T-Mobile has the best offer for iPhone users now. If you had tight budget and was considering over and over again, then this could be the best option for you. T-Mobile is not the only carrier who has iPhone upgrade plan, and to compete with other carriers, they have just announced a mind-blowing upgrade plan.

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere teased with a tweet that he would tell an affordable iPhone upgrade plan once his tweet gets retweeted at least 300 times, and it happened within 13 minutes. He broke the news then; you can upgrade to iPhone 6s for $5, $10 or $15 depending on the model you trade in.

T-Mobile $5 iPhone 6s upgrade plan

According to 9to5Mac, T-Mobile customers can trade-in their iPhone 6 and get an iPhone 6s for $5 a month. The price will increase depending on the model/variant you choose. If you want to trade in your iPhone 5s for iPhone 6s, you are also welcome. You will be paying at least $10 a month. You can upgrade your iPhone three times a year, and those who have already preordered iPhone 6s, can still go for this promotion.

T-Mobile is still running its limited period Jumps! On Demand promotion, where users can get an iPhone 6s for as low as $20 a month without any old iPhone trade-in. This $20 will be increased to $ 27.08 once this offer expires. Under this promotion, you will be paying $240 a year.

However, the new iPhone upgrade plan will make you pay as low as $60 a year only, but T-Mobile has not clarified all the pricing detail so far. They will update their website before Friday, and this iPhone upgrade plan will start from 25 September.

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