Symetium smartphone pc with Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM

Symetium is raising funds to launch an amazing smartphone that looks stunning in terms of design and also features great technical specifications. The device is expected to arrive in the third quarter of 2016. They are running a fixed funding campaign to raise $1.25M in 40 days. Under this campaign, you also get a chance to preorder one device for you to receive up to 50 percent discount on expected MSRP. While making the pre-order, you may add some addition dollars to support them.

Symetium smartphone pc design

Technical Specifications of Symetium smartphone pc

Dimension : 130 X 63 X 6 mm

Display : 5 inches OLED display

Resolution : 1920 X 1080 pixels


ROM : 64 / 128 / 256 GB (expandable with SD card up to 128GB)

OS : Quad-core Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820

OS : SymetiumOS, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Rear Camera : 24-megapixel

Front Camera : 5-megapixel

Battery : 4000 mAh

USB Type-C Port

Dust and Waterproof, IP 67 Certified

Symetium smartphone pc symetiumOS

They are making Symetium Smartphone PC in the way that can be used like a PC when docked or connected to external monitor via USB 3.0 Type-C connection. Along with Smartphone, they will also produce its accessories, like Wireless Doc, Keyboard, cases etc.. It will be an unlocked device, and will work almost worldwide.

Symetium Smartphone PC can connect to multiple screen together to stream. So it is like mirroring, but it allows you to use your smartphone without any trouble while streaming a separate user interface in the background.

The device looks thick in the image and video they has posted, but they mentioned it would be only 6mm thick. Symetium Smartphone PC will be available in various colors and they also posted the image that you can see below. However, they also mentioned that there may be variations in colors and some of them may not be available.


Technical specifications of the device is excellent to perform any task smoothly. Snapdragon 820 is based on 14nm FinFET, and Qualcomm is already optimizing it to perform as fast as it can, on top of that 6GB RAM will make it even more faster. In terms of camera, they have not said anything about other feature, but the flash looks like laser kind. So it would probably feature laser flash.

Pre-order / Price / Contribution

Super Early Bird 64GB Symetium is available to pre-order for $499, and they say it is with 50 percent discount on expected MSRP. Only 100 units are available and more than 50 percent has already been claimed. If you want to have one, claim it now. Once that 100 units are claimed, you will have to pay $599 for the same 64GB version, and 1000 units will be available. If you miss to claim that one too, you can then preorder Standard 64GB version for $699. 128GB variant can be preordered for $799. 256GB version of Symetium Smartphone PC starts from $999 and the price. Shipping will start in August 2016. Visit Their fundraising page for more detail.

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