Spotify’s free music service will not end: It will not be limited to 3 months

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Spotify free music limit for three month is false

Spotify is the talk of the town these days about ending its free music service, everyday there is new update. There has also been rumor that Spotify is being pressurized by Apple to end its free music service. Spotify has around 75% users who don’t pay for the service, and they are served free music service. Spotify provides ad based service to its free users, similar to the free apps what we download from app store and use on our smartphone. So there is rumor that Sony and Universal Music group both are not happy, and trying to convince Spotify.

Whatever the rumor is, 9tomac has reported that they had got it confirmed from the Director of Communications at Spotify “Graham James,” who said that this completely false. Spotify will not limit its users in three months of free service, but will keep providing free service the way they are doing.

Well, Apple is expected to launch its Music Stream service in June, and it is expected that Apple will provide free trials to new users, and after free trials they will have to pay to enjoy the music streaming service. This is also one reason that the rumor is getting ground (Apple is pressurizing Spotify to end free service). After all Spotify will be a true competitor, and there is no one who wants to pay for something when they can get it for free that will make Apple to lose business.