Speed Test : iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P vs Moto X Pure Edition

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We have already seen the benchmark comparison of Apple A9 and Snapdragon 820, but today we will see the real life speed test that is not based on benchmark score, but the real performance. Before we go ahead and see the speed test, we will tell you the quick specs of each devices that

iPhone 6s Plus

CPU : Apple A9

GPU : PowerVR GT7600


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

CPU : Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 (Snapdragon 820 version has been tested in the video)

GPU : Adreno 530


Huawei Nexus 6P

CPU : Snapdragon 810

GPU : Adreno 430


Moto X Pure Edition

CPU : Snapdragon 808

GPU : Adreno 418


We already know Nexus 6P and Moto X Pure can’t beat iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge performance. However, Nexus 6P doesn’t seem as bad as we really think. They were able to test just once, because Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to have some issue that either crashes the timer app or reset it. It seems Samsung still has issue regarding RAM management. Well, let’s watch the video

This test has been performed by Jerome Ortega

Speed Test Result

Test completion time of each devices

iPhone 6s Plus : 1:42.96 mins

Galaxy S6 Edge : 2:00.43 mins

Huawei Nexus 6P : 2:02.17 mins

Moto X Pure : 2:16.10 mins

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The test result is quite surprising, because we have seen iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S6 Speed Test, and that result suggests that Galaxy S6 is faster than Galaxy S7 Edge. Well, I can’t really expect this from Snapdragon 820, and would like to see more tests when it is done with other models. This could be the issue of Samsung Touch Wiz that has always been criticized by users. The true experience of android can be achieved from Nexus devices only that comes with stock ROM, and this is why Nexus 6P with the older Snapdragon Processor is quite close to Galaxy S7 performance in Speed Text.

So What do you think about the Speed Test?