Some Carriers and Skype Offering Free calls and text to France

Free calls and texts to france via skype verizon t-mobile sprint

Some of the US carriers have started offering free calls and texts to France after the miserable attack in Paris that happened Friday evening. Verizon is offering free calls and text to France through Sunday, 15 November, but the users will still be charged for taxes and surcharges.

Sprint users can also make free calls and send texts to French numbers until further notice. This free calls and texts is applicable for prepaid users as well. They have not confirmed when this offer will expire.

Along with Verizon and Sprint, T-Mobile is also offering free calls and text to France from the US (including Puerto Rico) to their postpaid Simple Choice members, and the French users can call or text US for free as well. The offer will end on 15 November. Call charges will show on the bill, but will be waived. T-Mobile is also extending the free texts and calls to those in France and wants to contact their family or friends in the US.

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Along with the carriers, Skype is also waiving all the charges for those calls made to France (Landline or Mobile), regardless it’s a domestic call or international. The offer from Skype is valid for a few days, but no expiration date has been mentioned.

In this difficult situation, Carriers are trying to make contacts stress free to give little comfort to users. People staying in France can talk to their friends and family without worrying about the bill and balance deduction. If you are not in the US, use Skype offer.


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