Skype is Developing 3D Video Calls

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Skype calling


Skype is going to give an amazing experience for video calls. They are going to launch 3D video calling feature for supported 3D systems. It has been confirmed by Mark Gillett (Microsoft’s vice-president) in an interview with BBC. They are developing 3D video calls and it will be available for Skype users once it’s launched, but it’s confidential and has not been confirmed when they are going to launch. Well, that might take longer because they need to develop many features before it’s available for users. We know that people like 3D TVs, but now 3D computers are available in the market as well. We love to watch videos on 3D display, because it makes us feel good and seems like everything is right here beside us. I think that’s a good step what Skype has taken and Skype users will love it. I am so excited about it, but let’s see when it’s available for us.

If you have not used Skype before this article can help you.

Skype assists its users to communicate with their beloved ones, pals or fellows, via voice call using a microphone, video calling using a webcam or instant messaging, file sharing, share desktop over the internet.

Skype is husky way to visually contact with folks and pals, you can also grab it for chatting or texting purpose one on one or in a group.

If you want to use Skype, you need to have internet connection, a system or mobile device which supports Skype application, a microphone, speakers or a handset attached with it, so that you can hear or spill out what you want to share, a webcam to let the people see you and you can as well.

Skype is a well-know software in this era that allows you to make a call from your system to landline or mobile phone as a paid service but the charges are minor. But if you are interested in making free call, you can via system to system.

In order to use Skype, first of all you need to create an account, just plug in to internet and get an account via visiting Skype, and fill your detail. Once you are registered, download the application, install it, and login to your account. That’s all you need to do to get into the Skype world.



If you buy Skype credit and subscribe it, a lot of new feature’s horizon would be revealed for you, then you can steer other Skype features like online numbers, voicemail, sending SMS, Skype to Go TM numbers etc.

You can search your pals by inserting keywords for a name, Skype name, or email address in search box, after finding your relevant results, you can send request to that person.

There is a status option you get besides your username, in the form of Skype bubble; you can put it up to any status you yearn, like invisible, available, busy, and away, do not disturb etc.

There are also options for adjusting your audio or video calls, cameras, volume and much more.

Skype is more utile for business class, as one of its most powerful features is instant text messaging. You can leave text for your joint venture at anytime and anywhere. You can make deals or exigent business matters via chat messages. You can copy and paste urgent business data or reports to your colleagues. Even you can transfer whole files to your business group in a jiffy. You can make video conferencing too what is the advanced tool of Skype.

The most cool thing what most relish and enjoyable to me is the “emotions”. You can drag or insert emotions while chatting or texting and these just make your text look like alive. If you click the face Icon in the chat window, it pops up into a list of emotions.

I searched a list for more amusing and hilarious emotions what are hidden and can add more spices and excitement to your chat or conversation.

It’s really a useful and salutary software, once you get familiarized with it, you can communicate with your folks, siblings, pals in more comfortable or cheaply way.