SkyDrive has been replaced with OneDrive now


There was an ongoing update what you must have received on the internet and seen many pictures what says “OneDrive is coming soon.” Finally, Microsoft has released the updates and you should see the notification on your mobile phone about the SkyDrive update what says: “Update OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive).” The reason Microsoft has to change the name is: A British broadcasting Company “Sky” filed a trademark dispute against Microsoft, and Microsoft lost the battle. So, now we have OneDrive, and it’s not the name change only but some features have been improved and they are offering some promotions to increase the storage capacity as well.

Now, you can set auto backups for your photos and videos. So, when you use your camera to snap a photo or record a video it will be stored in OneDrive account itself, but at first you need to set the auto backup. There is one new feature to know that when you upload a video and share with your friend, the video will have the ability to adapt the bandwidth and provides the quality according to that. It means, the video can be played even with low bandwidth when you share but the quality will not be good, and good bandwidth will have good quality, and it can be streamed online without downloading.

Previously, we used to have the storage capacity of 7GB for free users, and now you have the option to increase it for free. First of all, you can set auto backup with OneDrive, and you will be given extra 3GB, so you will have 10GB free. Thereafter, if you refer your friend to OneDrive you get 500MB for each referral, and you can earn upto 5GB like this. Microsoft has given a great opportunity for the first 100,000 users as they are going to get 100GB free for the first year. So, get the advantages of great features with Microsoft OneDrive and get the backup via cloud storage to keep your file safe. By the way, all we care about the features, just the name change doesn’t make much difference.

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