Siri for Mac is on its way, Hang on until OS X 10.12

Siri for Mac

There are many users who have been waiting for Siri to arrive in Mac OS X. When Windows launched a new voice assistant feature “Cortana” for Windows Mobile as well as Windows 10 OS. Mac users also expected Apple to make voice assistant feature available for OS X. So it seems Apple is now ready for this.

Siri is already available for iOS devices, Apple Watch as well as Apple TV. Apple has been rumor to make Siri feature available for OS X for a long time, and It is being said that they have been testing it since 2012. Now source claims that Apple will launch Siri this fall with OS X 10.12, and its beta version will be released in June 2016 at its Worldwide Developer Conference.

Siri in Mac may have same user interface like it does on iPhones or iPads. Users would get the option to enable Siri when they run OS X Setup for the first time, or it can be enabled later from System Preferences.

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Siri icon is expected to appear in menu bar beside Spotlight Search icon. When user clicks on it, Siri will get activated, and a colorful voice wave will appear like we see on iOS device. Mac OS X may also get “Hey Siri” feature, so that when you say “Hey Siri”, it will be activated to follow your command. Apple may also allow users to use Keyboard Shortcut to activate Siri, just like Spotlight Search that appears with Command+Space key.

OS X 10.12 may bring some more new features, and we will update as soon as we have more information on it. Along with OS X 10.12, Apple is also getting ready for iOS 10, that will arrive with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

What are your expectations from OS X 10.12? Is there anything specific you want Apple to include in this update? How about Live Photo support?

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