How to Set selected Photos or Photo Library as Screen Saver on Mac

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Like Windows, MacBooks and iMacs also come with Screen Saver feature. You can choose to set any available Screen Saver or can download from some new one from internet. We have already discussed about Apple Watch Screen Saver and Apple TV Screen Saver that can be downloaded and used on Mac. Today we will tell you how you can set a number of selected Images or the whole Photo Library as screen saver.

How to Set Selected Images or Photo Library as Screen Saver on Mac

Launch System Preferences on Mac (Click Apple Logo and Select System Preferences)

System Preferences

Click Desktop & Screen Saver

Screen saver option

Select any Screen Saver that displays photos as Screen Saver, depending on what style you like the most. Now Click on Source option

Screen Saver Settings

You can click Photo Library, and choose to set your Mac’s Photo Library as Screen Saver, Or

You can create a new folder in Finder, and Paste some selected photos there. Then come back to Screen Saver option, and select Choose Folder option, then select the folder where you put the Photos

Finally, define the Screen Saver Start Time. In the screenshot above, Screen Saver will be served after 20 minutes if I am not using Mac. You can define your own preferred time

You can download HD Wallpapers here to use as Screen Saver