Get Free Apple Watch Screen Saver for Mac

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Apple Watch ScreenSaver for mac

If you have used or seen an Apple watch standard screen saver, you would love this to download for your Macbook. It looks simple and beautiful when applied on Mac.

Installation is quite simple. Download the screen saver and install it. Once installed, go to System Preferences –> Desktop & Screen Saver –> Select Apple Watch.

You can customized the Watch Interface clicking on Screen Saver Options (When you have selected Apple Watch Screen Saver). There are various watch screens and colors to choose from.

You can download Screensaver file here for free.

Note : This Screensaver cannot be installed until you Allow Apps downloaded from Anywhere on Mac. You can do this from : System Preferences –> Security & Privacy –> Click Lock icon –> enter Administrator Password –> Select Anywhere under Allow Apps downloaded from. Now lick lock icon again. Now you can install the Screen Saver

Apple Watch Screen Saver for mac image