Download Apple TV Aerial Screen Saver for Mac and Windows

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Apple TV Aerial Views Screensaver

Apple TV Aerial Views Screen Saver comes with 34 beautiful views from China, Hawaii, London, New York and San Francisco. These Screen saver can also be controlled using key. While the Screen Saver animates on display, you can press

  1. “Space” key to play or pause
  2. “K” key can be used to pause only
  3. “J” Key for backward view, and can press J twice for fast backward
  4. “L” Key can be pressed for forward view, or press L twice for fast forward
  5. Do nothing, and it will keep playing normally

Apple TV Aerial Views Screen Saver Download link and Setup Guide

Mac Users (OS X Mavericks or later)

  • Download the screensaver
  • Unzip the file, and double click on Aerial.saver
  • Optional (if needed) : If you get the error “App is from unidentified developer,” you need to Change Gatekeeper Settings on Mac from System Preferences –> Security & Privacy,  and now select “Anywhere” under “Allow apps downloaded from.” You can changed the setting later once installed
  • Now double click on Aerial.saver, and Install it
  • Once installed, go to System Preferences –> Desktop & Screen Saver, and select Aerial

Apple TV Aerial View Screen Saver for Mac

  • You can also click on Screen Saver Options to customize it. You can choose to view certain Screen Savers or all. If your Mac is connected to multiple display, checking on “Play Different Aerial On Each Display” will play different screen on each display

Apple TV Screensaver Settings

Windows Users (Windows 7 or later)

  • Download Screensaver, and unzip the file
  • Right-click AerialScreenSaver.scr, and select install
  • optional : Rename the .scr file to a .exe and launch if you want to use as standalone windowed mode

Note : Apple TV Aerial View Screen Saver will not play if you are not connected to internet

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