Why People Use Ad Blockers, and How to Serve Ads or Monetize AdBlock Traffic?

Ad Blockers are making Advertising company lose billions of dollars, and do you know what is the worst part of it? Most of the Ad Blockers are free to use without any payment or limitation.

Who and Why people use ad blockers?

Have you ever wondered who usage Ad Blockers? Most of the people who use Ad Blockers are addicted to pirated contents. It doesn’t mean all of them use pirated content or visit such sites. They start using Ad Blockers because they get tired of pop-ups and annoying ads. Such websites don’t serve legal and original content, so they never get approved by Google Adsense and other major Ad Networks, and at last they use the kind of ads that are very frustrating. Once Ad blocker is added, good sites are also get affected because it blocks ads on each and every site you visit.

As the webmasters and bloggers have primary income generated by advertisements, visitors should also understand that their co-operation will encourage bloggers to keep writing and bringing informative contents and news. So you should whitelist all those sites that don’t serve in annoying and pop ads.

What Ad Blockers are Changing in Advertisement Industry?

Most of the Ad Blocker Developers are dependent on donated money, so they are likely to make very less. However, these plugins and apps are giving birth to new Ad Industries and Technologies. When it all started, there were just a few users who used Ad Blockers, but it grew up like anything. So it caught Advertising Agencies attention, and now there are many solutions. Ad Blocker Developers are making just a fraction of money compared to New Advertising Companies those have found a solution to display ads even when  Ad Blocker is turned on.

Solution to Ad Block Traffic

Solution 1 : Prevent Access to Content

Use a plugin or coding to your website that prevents Ad Block Traffic from accessing the content. We all work for money, and there isn’t anybody in the world who would want to work for free. So if the visitors don’t want to cooperate, you can stop cooperating as well. However, there is one bad thing about this solution. A user might have Ad Blocker, but blocking him/her making you lose the opportunity of article sharing. Such users may not help you make money, but they can help bringing more traffic if your article/content is really informative and useful.

Solution 2 : Request to donate or subscribe

Show a notification to users that your website doesn’t display annoying or pop ads, so they should whitelist your website in Ad Blocker, or donate you for your work. You can also start a premium subscription with the lowest possible price that will give unlimited access to registered users. For example, If 50,000 users visit your website every month those have Ad Blocker enabled. Let them get access for $1 a month. It’s a very little amount, but this little amount will encourage more users to subscribe. If just a thousand users do that, you can make $1,000 each month from ad block traffic.

Solution 3 : Serve Ads to Ad Block Traffic

It may sound impossible, but it’s easy. I hope you know use native content promotional advertising, e.g. Taboola. Ads from Taboola don’t get blocked by Ad blockers. However, such ads are not of high quality, and most of them include fake, duplicate, and spam contents. So I have got another solution that serves Quality ads like Google Adsense. Let me tell you about it.

How to Serve Quality Ads to Ad Block Traffic?

Meet AdRecover

AdRecover is an advertising network that can help you monetize ad block traffic. First of all, your website will go through the approval process that may take up to 3 business day. They provide only One ad tag that needs to be added under head section. Once you add the ad tag and your website gets approved, they will start serving ads.


  • AdRecover will serve ad banners only when the visitors are using any type of Ad Blocker to block Ads on your website. All the visitors without ad block will not see any ad from AdRecover.
  • AdRecover doesn’t serve pop ads, so there is no need to worry. They automatically choose the best places to display banners without blocking users from access content. So far I have seen them serving Ads by Google and Criteo.

Sounds interesting? Visit AdRecover.Com to join.

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