Stop Blaming Ad Blockers When Visitor are Forced to Enable

Stop Blaming Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are costing millions to advertisers as well as blog and website owners. There are many publishers who request visitors not to block ads, and some of them simply don’t allow those visitors to access their website. Don’t you think that there are many websites to get the same information what you are publishing? If you don’t let them access, they will visit some other website. You also loose an opportunity of sharing. A visitor may have an ad blocker enabled, but he/she might share your content on social media if it’s really good enough.

What brought Ad blockers? Who is responsible?

Ad blockers are the gift from publishers like me and you. Many publishers serve ads like they are not serving contents, but ads only. When a visitor clicks on a link, multiple pop-up ads trigger, and the actual page gets lost. They visit the web page to get tech-related information, and they find a bunch of weight loss, dating etc. kind of ads. Why the heck you think visitors would not enable ad blocker? Such ad trend made users go on forums and social media platforms, and ask other users if there is any way to block ads, and here we are! If there is something many users are seeking, someone will make it for sure.

What impression are you making on Visitors with such ads if you are not running a dating blog?

Spam Ads

Ad blockers are free to use with unlimited access. Anyone can add an ad blocker to internet browser without spending even a single penny. So you have no control over ad blocking extensions and apps.

What should a Publisher do to avoid ad blocks

  1. Say goodbye to Pop-up ads
  2. Don’t serve spammy ads
  3. Don’t block visitors to access content, they could be the reason to bring more visitors to your blog
  4. Don’t serve so many ads on a page, because it will make your web page load slower
  5. If you meet all 4 condition, now you can show a formal notification to users with ad blockers that you keep minimal ads on your blog, and don’t serve spam and pop-ups, so they should add your blog to the white list. However, you can’t force someone to do so. It should be a request, not an order

For visitors (with Ad Blockers)

We understand that blocking ads help you to browse any website smoothly and without frustration, but a publisher also needs to survive. If all the publishers find it difficult to earn from blogs or websites, they will have to look for other options and leave this profession. This will be the end of true blogging profession, and you will find only promoted content on the internet. Promoted and Sponsored contents are usually a lie that is written for money. So feel free to choose what you want. Please don’t use ad blockers on websites that are not spoiling your experience with pop-ups and spam.

If you think that you see irrelevant ads on our website or any website that serve Adsense Ads, you can visit Google’s Ad Customization Settings Page, and select the kind of ads you want to see. Once you do that, you will see only interest based ads, and some of them could be useful to find great deals or information.

Update : Display Ads to Ad Block traffic

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