How to Send Animated GIFs in WhatsApp Application

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These days most of the social messaging applications have started adding support for GIFs. If you were missing it in your favorite application “WhatsApp,” we have a good news for you. WhatsApp now allows to send and receive GIFs.

How to send Animated GIFs in WhatsApp (iPhone Users)

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of iOS application. If not, update the application.
  • Launch WhatsApp Messaging app, and tap on a contact to send a GIF.
  • Tap on + icon and select Phot0 & Video Library option.


  • Now you should be in Photo library. If you already have a GIF file in Photo library, you can select to send it. If you want to find a random GIF, tap on GIF option that is located on the bottom left corner.
  • Browse GIFs and select that you want to send.


  • Once you select a GIF, you will get some editing option.  If you want, you can add emoji, text, and/or make a draw. Click on Send button to send the GIF.


Send Video as GIF in WhatsApp with your iPhone

  • Note : If the video duration is more than 6 seconds, you cannot send video as an animated GIF. It supports up to 6 seconds of videos only.
  • Choose to send a video the way you always do. (Tap on + icon, select Photo & Video library option, and select the video you want to send as a GIF).
  • Select GIF option before hitting the send button (see the screenshot). Finally, hit the Send Button. The video will be sent as GIF.


Can I Send and Receive GIFs in WhatsApp on my Android Phone?

WhatsApp has not yet included GIF option for Android Users, but you can still do these;

  • Receive GIFs and View without any trouble. You can receive GIFs from an iPhone users.
  • Forward GIFs : If you have received a GIF, you can forward to anyone without losing its animation effect.

Note : If you try to send a GIF from Gallery, WhatsApp will convert it to still image automatically.

However, there is no need to be sad. WhatsApp will certainly include GIF support for Android users in the future updates.


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