Updated : Samsung Launches Galaxy S7 in Pink Color

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Update : Samsung Launches Pink Color Galaxy S7


Earlier we informed about Samsung’s plan to launch a Pink color device. Now the Pink color Samsun Galaxy S7 is available in Korea. Samsung has listed the Pink color version on its Korean website. Don’t be confused by Pink Gold color, because Pink Gold was launched on 28 August exclusively at Best Buy. However, the Korean online store now has Pink Gold as well as Pink color. The new Pink Color Galaxy S7 is available only with 32GB Storage, and its will be sold for the same price as other colors. Here is how Pink Color Galaxy S7 looks like.


Galaxy S7 Edge didn’t get this new pink color. There is no update when Pink Color Galaxy S7 will be available in other regions. If you are in Korea, you can visit Samsung’s official website to get one.

Update Ends.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall gave over $2-billion loss to the company. Samsung is trying to recover from losses, but it will take some time. Samsung recently launched Galaxy S7 Edge is new Blue Coral color, and now the company wants to release a Pink color version of its smartphone.

Samsung has not told what model will be available in Pink, but we expect it to be either Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. These 2 models are the best Samsung smartphones at this time. Samsung may not launch a new Note Series model until September 2017, but Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge are expected to bring Samsung back on track that would be announced in the first quarter of 2017.


According to a Weibo post made by Samsung suggests that a Pink color of its Smartphone model will be announced on November 7. The pink color may get Samsung some lady buyers who are planning to buy a high-end smartphone. Samsung has posted some more pictures along with the Smartphone’s questionable picture that you can see below.

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