How to Remove ‘Log in with WordPress’ Option from Website’s Login Page

WordPress allows adding many plugins to make your blog/website awesome and secure. There are many ways to secure your blog from hackers. For example, you can add 2-factor authentication to WordPress Blogs using Clef Plugin. It can remove Password and User ID fields from the WordPress Login page. You will have to use your Clef app on your smartphone to log in, and it also prevents you/others from logging on 2 internet browsers at the same time. However, if the WordPress Login page is showing “Log in with WordPress” option, that means if your account is hacked, someone can also log into your Website/Blog that uses WordPress Platform to manage contents.

Why am I getting “Log in with WordPress” on my Blog’s or Website’s Log in Page?

Most of the users use Jetpack Plugin on their website/blog. Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins that comes with many great features, but one of its features could be dangerous. Jetpack enables “Log in with WordPress” Option. If you want to log into Jetpack, you will have to use WordPress.Com credential. Once logged in, you can manage plugin and its settings. However, the WordPress ID you use to log into Jetpack can also be used to Log into your website. Jetpack automatically enables “Log in with WordPress” option for your blog’s login page. Here is how it looks like;

Log in with wordpress

If you are using 2-factor authentication to save your website from hackers, this option makes it almost useless. So you have better to remove this option before it’s too late. Removing this option is as easy as switching a button.

How to Remove or Disable Log in With WordPress.Com option from the Login Page of my Website or Blog

  • Go to the Admin Panel of your website. For example,
  • Click on Jetpack option, and then hit Settings option

Jetpack Settings

  • Select Security tab, and then disable Single Sign On option

Disable Log in with WordPress Option

That’s it, and ‘Log in with WordPress.Com’ option will not appear anymore. You can turn it on anytime you want.

Important Note: If you are not using 2-factor authentication or other security plugins, you have better to keep it on and use a strong Password for both Your website and WordPress.

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