How to Setup Google’s 2-Factor Authenticator for WordPress Site

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What is this 2-Factor Authenticator and why you should need it for WordPress Site?

It is an extra layer of protection that helps you protect your account from hackers. After enabling two-factor authentication for WordPress site, you will be asked to Enter the authentication code along with ID and Password. So if someone steals your password, he will still not be able to log in to your account unless he enters the authentication code that keeps changing every few seconds and can only be seen on your mobile phone or tablet. So even if you use the same password for multiple accounts (blogs), it should not be a problem because authentication code for all sites will be different.

How to set 2 step verification for website running WordPress CMS?

google authenticator

  • Now add a new plugin “Google Authenticator” from your WordPress Dashboard’s plugin option. Make sure that plugin’s author is “Ivan Kruchkoff.” After testing many, I found it to be the best and simple.

google authenticator plugin

  • After the activation of Google Authenticator Plugin, click on the Users option under WordPress Admin Dashboard and then click Your Profile option

setup authentication

  • Enable the 2-Factor authentication by checking the Action option as shown in the screenshot above. Now Hit the Create New Secret Key button and then you will get the barcode. Scan this barcode using the Google Authenticator application that you installed on your smartphone earlier.
  • Now you must click the Update Profile option that will be at the bottom of the Your Profile page (under Admin’s Dashboard). It will save the settings and activate 2-factor authentication for your WordPress Blog.

Test the 2-Step Authenticator What you have just configured

  • Log-out from the WordPress Dashboard and you should now be on the log in page where you must have 3 options to type. One for Email, another for Password, and the last one for Google Authentication Code. Here is a screenshot of how it will look like.

google auth pass

  • Enter the ID, Password, and the Google Authenticator Code. The Google Authenticator code will appear under the Mobile’s Authentication app that keeps refreshing every few seconds. So you must always enter the current code.
  • Finally, Hit the “Log In” button and you should be able to log in without trouble.

If you have more than one mobile phones and you want to use several devices to generate authentication code, it is possible. You can read our guide about using multiple devices for 2-factor authentication.

If you face any issue, feel free to let us know in the comment section.