How to Set Up Google Authenticator App on Multiple Devices

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Google Authenticator app serves to make your account security stronger. It helps to protect an account from hackers. It’s not just Google Account, but there are thousands of other websites and apps that allow users to enable 2-step verification using the Google Authenticator app.

Downloading the Google Authenticator App

Google Authenticator app is available for Android as well as iOS devices. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store for free. The app is ad-free so it’s not annoying like other free apps.

How does Google Authenticator App Work?

The app works in a simple way. For example, you have activated Google Authenticator for your WordPress Admin Panel. Now when you log in, you will have to Enter the Authentication Code generated by Google Authenticator App along with the User Name and Password. The Authentication Code keeps changing every few seconds and generates a random 6 digits number every time. So make sure you are using the new code generated by the Authenticator app

Adding an account to Google Authenticator is as simple as scanning the Barcode. We have talked about this below that you can read and learn.

How to Use Google Authenticator on More than 1 Devices for the Same Account?


How to Change Device and Use Google Authenticator on a Different Device

Whether you are adding an Account on one device or many devices, the procedure is exactly the same. Here is how it’s done.

  • Download the app on the new device you want to use along with the old one.
  • Log in to the account where you want to add a new device.
  • Remove the Existing Google Authenticator Set up. Here is an example of removing it from Google Account. It has been done by going to Google’s 2 Step Verification Section.

removing google auth

  • Once you remove the exiting Authenticator App set up, you need to set up a new one. So click the Set up option and Select either Android or iOS. If you have an Android as well as iOS and you want to set up on both, you can select any of theĀ option (Android or iOS), it doesn’t matter.

auth set up

  • When you are asked to Scan the QR Code, you need to Scan the same code on all the devices you want to use for this account. Make sure you delete the old authentication from Authenticator app that was set up earlier and then scan the new QR Code.

That’s it! You have successfully Set up the Authenticator app on Multiple devices. Now you can use the code generated by the app when you are asked to enter. All the devices will have the same code for the same account and they also refresh together.