Passwordless wordpress login: How to save WordPress Blog from hackers?

Save wordpress blog from hackers

How can you save WordPress blog from hackers? You must be receiving so many fake login attempt in your WordPress blog, and sometimes it also gets hacked. What if no one can even try to login your WordPress Blog? What if hackers don’t even get the page where they can enter the user name and password? Don’t get surprised, because it is possible. All you need is one plugin in your WordPress Blog and an app in your smartphone that will enable Passwordless WordPress Login for you and you can save WordPress blog from hackers.

Passwordless wordpress login with clef

Plugin Name: Clef

Add Clef plugin in your WordPress blog, and activate it. Once activated, follow the instruction. You can also check the installed plugins and click on setting under Clef plugin. It will ask you to install a mobile application. So go to app store, and look for Clef app, install on your mobile. It will ask you to create a 4 digit PIN and register. You can register with your email address and then verify your email.

After verifying your email address, login into your WordPress blog and check Clef Settings, and follow instructions. After a couple of steps, you will see the dancing music wave, and same will be there in your mobile. So put your mobile camera on the computer’s music wave (just like you scan a bar code from your mobile). Once you do that, your setup is complete, now you will see Clef Settings Page, or you can go to its settings manually and do as follows:

Check the box where it says “Disable Password for Clef Login Users.”

Check the box where it says “Show Clef wave as primary login option.”

Now one most important thing: If you still want to use your password and user name to login, you can use the feature “Override URL.” There will already be a URL there including your website url override word, and you get an empty box to write anything you want. You can put any word, and then finally save it. The override URL can be used to login when you wish to login with your user name and password, but it’s only your who knows that URL or if you don’t wish to use it you can leave it blank and save.

Now you are done, whenever you wish to login in your WordPress blog, you can simple scan the music wave from the mobile Clef app. You can logout from Admin panel from mobile Clef app, and can also put the timing how long you want to be logged in. This is a great way to save WordPress blog from hackers

Note: If you have more than one blog and you use Clef on all blog, you will be signed in in all the blog at once.