OneDrive: this is the new SkyDrive

With options to save space and improved teamwork. These are some of the innovations introduced by Microsoft in its update to your personal storage service in the cloud that moves over its name SkyDrive to One Drive, as announced by the technology company. Today, 250 million people use this service, which has been renamed by a “dispute over the trademark.”

Working Group

Among its main innovations is the ability to work in groups and in real time on an Office document and office applications. Thus, the options are expanded and made to contribute ideas, enter text, corrections or add notes and details on documents without suffering load problems, and the connectivity to your documents has been improved as well.

Thus, the modifications to be done automatically, and not only when you close and save the document as was previously the case. Example platforms such as Evernote or Google Drive these follows. In addition, it has introduced an update that allows you to see the different versions back to back on error.

Automatic storage of videos and photos

It also has improved automatic storage of videos and photos taken with Android devices and “transcoding” video, which is to adapt the quality of a shared bandwidth of the receiver videoThus, the receiver can see on ‘streaming’ materials received precisely reducing its quality according to bandwidth. Also possible to create backups extending the Google platform. Thus, different files share expands our contacts and is, in turn, the easier.

Monthly Subscriptions

Onedrive, which has increased its integration with Windows, will allow users to purchase additional space monthly, not just annually. Microsoft offers 7 GB of free storage, which can be expanded up to 10 GB if the user activates the automatic saving of images and videos taken with your Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. In addition, the company announced that the first 100,000 users who enter their OneDrive platform will have 100 GB of free space for a year.

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