Nokia C1 Android Phone real image exposure

Earlier we published an article about Nokia C1 Android Phone, and we have real images of the device now. It has been designed beautifully, and the front panel looks like iPhone 6.

Have a look at Nokia C1 Android Phone real images

Nokia C1 Android Phone BackNokia c1 Android Phone front

These leaked images has appeared on Weibo, and it describes how the device would look like. It doesn’t have any physical home/menu button. All the buttons have been located in the touch panel, like most of the Android Phones. LED Flash light has been located underneath camera.

There is no other detail that can tell about the technical specifications, but we expect it to feature a 5 or 5.5 inches FHD display, 2GB RAM and intel Atom processor. There is no doubt that the device would slim like Nokia N1.

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