Nokia C1 android Phone Leaked images

Nokia’s CEO Rajiv Suri has already said that Nokia would bring smartphones in 2016, and Nokia C1 could be the first device to hit the market in 2016. Nokia tried to come back with Nokia X, X+ and XL, that was based on Android OS, but it lacked pure Android Experience. However, Nokia proved itself with Nokia N1, that’s still in demand, and people loved the design, build quality and specs.

Nokia has not said anything official, but we have the Nokia C1 leaked images for you. The leaked images showed up on Weibo, and it looks like Nokia N1 small version. It features an edge-to-edge display, and screen to body ratio looks quite impressive. The thickness seems to be the same found in Nokia N1.

Nokia C1 leaked detail Nokia C1 ImagesThere is no official confirmation about the specs, but the display size looks like 5.5-inch that may have 1080 pixels or 2K resolution. Nokia C1 is expected to have 2GB RAM and Intel Atom processor.

Nokia would not be producing any smartphone itself. Like Nokia N1, they would do partnership with other company (likely to launch with Foxconn). It would be marketed with Nokia logo.

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