Nokia is coming back with its Smartphones in 2016

Rajiv Suri

Nokia has been denying the rumors to be back again in Smartphone world, but Nokia’s CEO Rajiv Suri finally clears the air. He told his intention to come with new Nokia Smartphones in 2016. As we know Microsoft bought Nokia Mobility, but it’s not really doing much to increase Microsoft’s growth.

Nokia made an attempt earlier to get back launching customized Android phones, Nokia X, XL and X2. However, those devices turned out big flop due to poor specs, lack of Google Play Store and some other reasons.

Nokia received some appreciation recently after the launch of Nokia N1. This time Nokia brought a high-end tablet with premium design at mid-range price. Well, Nokia N1 has been launched in partnership with a Taiwanese company Foxconn. Foxconn is the licensee and the device is manufactured under its authority.

If we go back and look at the history, you will also find that Nokia debut its Windows phone with Lumia 800 which was same kind of production. It was produced with the help of Compal Electronics.

In 2016, Nokia will not solely produce the smartphone, but will involve other company that will do the production, and will be marketed under Nokia brand. Nokia is expected to bring Android smartphone this time, because this was the primary reason that Nokia lost its business. Let’s wait until we get any information about the kind of device Nokia want to launch.

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