MIUI 8 Release Date and New Features it will bring

Update: Please read our updated article on MIUI 8 for all new features, list of devices to get MIUI 8 and Beta ROM release, testing and registration date.

Xiaomi will release MIUI 8 on May 10, and you may wonder what it will bring. MIUI 7 has already done a great job bringing many new features. MIUI 8 doesn’t mean to bring a new Android OS version, but the new version of customized UI for Xiaomi users. You can find Xiaomi devices running MIUI 7 on Marshmallow, some of them still runs Android Lollipop, some has Marshmallow, and some still shows Android Kitkat. So don’t get confused between MIUI Version and Android Version.

What’s New in MIUI 8

Xiaomi will reveal everything in the event on May 10, but so far we know of 2 new features that MIUI 8 will bring.

New Notification Shade

MIUI 8 has made notification center more attractive. Now the notification background has been changed into white color that will increase readability. You can still launch Notification by swiping down from the top, and now you can scroll from left to right or vise versa to see more shortcuts. When you swipe up a little shortcuts icon will be hidden, and you will see only notifications, and you can swipe down again to see the shortcuts.

Revamped Notes App

MIUI 8 will make creating and deleting notes very easy. All you have to do is swipe down to start making a new note, and swipe up with 2 fingers to create a new Note.

Here are 2 demo videos of MIUI 8

New Notification Shade on MIUI 8

Revamped Notes App on MIUI 8

Along with MIUI 8 Xiaomi will also announce Mi Max and may be some other gadgets. You can take these 2 features as teaser of MIUI 8, and there must be more to do in the new version.

The list of devices that will get MIUI 8 update may not be announced in the event, but we expect the update for all the models Xiaomi has released since 2015 (except low-end). This is just a guess, so stay tuned for more new features and list of devices. We will update when we have more information.

Update : MIUI 8 Chinese Developer ROM is released


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