Release Date, New Features and List of Devices to get MIUI 8

Xiaomi has announced MIUI 8 today, and now we have more detail on it. The new version of MIUI has brought some new features that we will tell. They also said that there are 200 Million active MIUI users around the world, but don’t take as 200 Million Xiaomi Phone users, because MIUI is used in so many other smartphones that are not manufactured by Xiaomi.

New Features to arrive with MIUI 8

1. Phone App

Now when you answer or disconnect the call, will notice little change. They have added new animation that you can see in the video below.

2. Redesigned Color

They have now redesigned colors in MIUI 8. MIUI Versions have always been colorful, but now it is even more beautiful.

MIUI 8 Color Redesigned

3. Font Redesigned

With Mi Lanting Xiaomi has tried to refine and enhance mobile reading experience improving the font structure. The have mentioned this about Chinese Language, so I am not sure if it is applicable for English and other languages as well.


4. Wallpaper Carousel

Xiaomi has partnered with 50 Medias to bring daily Lock Screen in 12 categories on MIUI 8. You can simply choose a category, and Wallpaper will be changed each day automatically. They claim to have so many stunning and high quality wallpapers that will not make any Mi Users unhappy.

MIUI 8 Wallpapers

5. Revamped Gallery

Xiaomi has added many great features in Gallery. Now it is 90% more space efficient, you can simply enable Cloud storage to store your captured photos to cloud. They have also added, new Video Editing feature with music and effects, Doodles and Stickers. Now users can change the effect by simple tap or share photos quickly by swiping up.

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6. Scanner can solve math

MIUI 8 has got an amazing feature that allows to scan math problems, and it can help to solve it. At the start, this feature will work for High School Chinese Math. Step-by-step guide will be shown after the developer ROM is available to download.

MIUI 8 Scanner

7. Snap and Shop / Scan and Shop

MIUI 8 will allow users to take a Snap of any time, and look for the same item on the internet. So you can buy anything even you don’t know what the item is called. It also allows to Scan the bar code of any item, and look for it on the web to purchase online.

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8. More Features with QR

Users will be able to generate Quick QR code for AliPay and WeChat Wallet. WiFi Password can also be shared with QR code.

MIUI 8 QR Code Scanner

9. New Features in Calculator app

MIUI 8 has got many advanced features in calculator app. Along with simple calculation, now it allows to Manage housing loans, scientific calculation, income tax payment calculation, currency conversion, standard units conversion etc..

10. Revamped Notes App

Notes app in MIUI 8 comes with beautiful templets for sharing, Grid View makes the navigation easier, users can secure notes with Passcode and Finger Print. Users can quickly write a note by swiping down and delete a note by swiping up with two fingers.

Notes app in MIUI8

11. improved Spam or Scam Messages Detector

Xiaomi has enhanced and improved the system to detect Spam, Scam or Fraud Messages in more better way.

12. Multi-Window Management

Xiaomi Claims to add Multi-Windows Management feature in MIUI 8, but they have not clarified what it really does. Whether users will be able to work on two apps at the same time or not, it has not been confirmed.

Multi Windows MIUI 8

13. Improved Power Saving Mode

When Power Saving Mode is enabled, it will prevent unessential apps to start up, will freeze background activity and other background tasks and syncing will stop. This will help to make device run longer than usual.

14. Changes in Notification Tray

Now the notification icons have been sorted, users can view more shortcuts by scrolling horizontally as shown in the video below. Moving the notification tray slightly up hides the shortcuts completely, and moving it down makes it visible.

When MIUI 8 ROM will be released?

MIUI 8 Chinese Developer ROM Release Date :  June 17 

( Beta Registration will start from May 16 )

( Beta Testing will start from June 1 )

List of Devices to get MIUI 8 Chinese Beta ROM

  • All Redmi and Mi Note Series Devices
  • Mi 2, Mi 2s, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4s, Mi 4c, Mi 5, Mi Max

Source : Xiaomi

Update : MIUI 8 Chinese and Global Alpha ROM is released

MIUI 8 China Developer ROM is Released

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