Microsoft Will Provide Free Windows OS For Mobiles

free windows os

The popularity of Microsoft Windows OS is not as good as expected. India is the most popular country in terms of smartphone usage, but when you talk about the smartphone ranking, the smartphones with Android OS comes at the top. Earlier people had craze for Nokia because the Symbian operating system was quite famous for its apps support at affordable price, while the phones with Windows OS was expensive and not available to all the areas. Google had not provided Android OS to all the mobile makers, but later Google made Android OS free, and now most of the smartphones come with Android OS. Since it’s free the price range doesn’t go much higher for a standard Android phone.

Now, Microsoft is trying to make its windows OS popular, and to make it happen Microsoft will give free license for Windows OS to mobile makers in India. Microsoft will lose business here as there will not be any revenue from Windows license, but this step will make the Windows phone cheaper and there are chances that the Windows phone might get popular. Google doesn’t provide just free Android OS for mobile, but the Chrome OS for Desktop and Laptop as well. Earlier there was only Linux Ubuntu free OS for Computer, and now Linux is on the way to the production of Ubuntu smartphones as well.

windows phoneMicrosoft has taken a good step, but they need to take care of the Windows OS processor too, because it’s not as faster as Android OS. Now, the mobile makers need to take care of the features and technical specifications when they produce smartphones based on Windows OS, because they fail to provide enough RAM and good resolution for the display. A person like me will not hesitate to buy if the technical specifications are impressive, like RAM, Processor, required apps in the app store, compatibility with other peripherals etc.

If Microsoft can mix the free Windows OS with improved features, the popularity will increase for sure, and the popularity of Windows phone will help to increase the popularity of other services provided by Microsoft, like OneDrive, Bing Search etc. Well, apart from the OS features, other features and technical specifications are dependent on the mobile makers. Now the mobile makers in India either can demote or promote.

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