Microsoft releases ads showing the downside of Mac

Bug Chiks Windows Ads

Earlier we published an article comparing Surface Book vs MacBook Pro, where Microsoft claimed Surface Book to be twice as fast as MacBook Pro, but this was not the case. Now Microsoft has released some new Video Advertisements targeting Macs directly, and they mentioned those features what Mac OS X lacks.

They have chosen 2 bug chicks who demonstrate Windows 10 features, and after each demonstration they say “Even on the new macs they don’t have ……..” So what are those features that Mac OS X lacks compared to Windows 10?

These are the features Microsoft is trying is promote to win more users

  • Windows 10 supports touch screen
  • Face Detection feature
  • Voice Assistant

Comments from users for the advertisement made me laugh

Windows 10 promotion users reaction

Touch Screen Support

Yes, Windows 10 and even its predecessor supports touch screen.

We don’t think Apple has any plan to make touch screen Macs. They have limited this to iPhones and iPads. If you need a large touch screen, Apple has iPad Pro with 12.9 inches screen and 4GB RAM

Voice Assistant

Windows 10 has brought a new voice Assistant feature (Cortana) to computers and smartphones.

Mac OS X doesn’t have Voice Assistant, but Siri for Mac is on its way. OS X 10.12 is expected to bring Siri Voice Assistant to Mac, that Apple should have already brought.

Face Recognition

Windows 10 also has one Face Recognition feature that allows users to login without typing password. However, if you have a secure account with 2 Step Verification, you will still require to type authentication code manually.

There is no rumor or evidence that Apple is even thinking about such feature to bring in Mac OS X. However, a Touch ID would be better than Face Recognition if Apple can do that. Face Recognition feature is annoying when it fails to recognize your face in low light, and it doesn’t work at all in the dark.

There are couple of things that keep many users away from Windows even with such feature that Mac lacks

  • Windows OS works fine at the start, but after a couple of months it lags like hell. This is not the case with Linux and OS X
  • More attacks/hacks/viruses compared to Linux and OS X

Here are the Advertisement videos from Microsoft

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