Mac OS X Tips Part 3 : Common Questions and Answers

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There are times when you have some common questions about MacBook/iMac issues, and you look for the answers. Today we are going to cover some those common questions, and you can ask more questions in comment if facing different issue.

Q: Why my Mac’s screen goes blank for a while at startup?

Default startup disk is probably not selected. In this case, when you Start you MacBook or iMac, it shows you black screen for a while, and then it decides to boot with internal storage. It happens when you boot your Mac with other drives, and then don’t select startup disk later.


  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Startup Disk
  • Click on Lock icon, and enter the password to unlock feature
  • Select the default startup disk
  • Click on Restart, and it should resolve the issue

Q: When I type Q from keyboard, why A appears, or Why keyboard types words wrongly? QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard

Please check the first 5 Alphabet keys of the keyboard. MacBook comes in QWERTY as well as AZERTY keyboard. If the first five letters are AZERTY, you need to select one of these keyboard inputs

  • French
  • French – Numerical

Note : If you want to type number in AZERTY keyboard, you need to press Shift+Number key

In the same way, if the first five Alphabet of the keyboard is QWERTY, make sure you select US or UK keyboard input (depends on you have British or American keyboard)

Here is how to Select a new Keyboard Input Source in Mac OS X

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Keyboard
  • Click on + sign to add a new input source
  • Select the Input Language, and click on Add
  • If you wand to delete exiting input, select from the listed input source, and click on – sign
  • If you have only one input source, you don’t need to do anything else. if you have more than one input source, an icon will be added automatically on your system at the top right corner (beside time and battery icon). Now you can click there and change it whenever you want

Q: How do I turn off Automatic Update Mac OS X

Q : Why App store asks passwords every time or every 15 minutes I want to install a new App? How to save the password?

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on App Store
  • Now you can turn off Auto Update, and select Save Password under password Setting

Note : Save Password option works only for free apps. Paid apps will still requires you to enter the password.

Q: Why my MacBook Shows Service Battery or Replace Battery

A MacBook battery can run a limited number of cycle, that varies from 300 to 1000 depending on the model you have got. For example : All 2010 to 2015 models are limited to 1000 power cycle, thereafter you may require to replace it anytime. It doesn’t go dead right after 1000 cycle, but it may start showing Service Battery, and then Replace Battery. We have seen MacBooks even with 1200 power cycle, but you should certainly replace when it starts showing Replace Battery, because it may damage system if battery gets leak or blast due to any reason. You can check the Power Cycle of all models here.

If you want to know how you can check your MacBook’s Power cycle, please read our article about buying a using MacBook, and read this part “How to check MacBook’s Battery Status?

Q: I have a child, and I want him/her to use a MacBook. How can I limit system access or Set Parental Control?

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Parental Controls
  • Follow screen’s instruction

Q: How do I enable/disable automatic graphic switching in Mac OS X?

Note: This is applicable for those users only who have dual-graphic card installed on their Mac. Intel+Nvidia/AMD

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Energy Saving
  • Now you can check or uncheck Automatic Graphic Switching option

Q: How can I limit Spotlight to find some certain stuffs?

Spotlight Setting is located here; System Preferences –> Spotlight

Q: How do I check saved password under Keychain?

Q: While logging in a website, I allowed Keychain to save my password. Can I check it back if I don’t remember anymore?

Yes, you can check the password in Keychain if you don’t remember. You should follow these steps;

  • Launch KeyChain Access App (located in Application –> Utility/Other folder). Can also be opened using Spotlight Search
  • Select Login under Keychain section, and Select Password under Category section
  • For example : I don’t remember my Gmail password anymore, but stored in Keychain. I will type gmail in search
  • Now it will show the relevant result right there
  • Double Click on Relevant search result
  • Click on Show password check box
  • It will ask you to put your System Admin Password (not iCloud password)
  • Enter the Admin Password, and you account password will show right there in the box

Q: Is iTunes has any Equalizer to adjust sound?

Of course, it does. Open iTunes Click on Windows –> Equalizer. Or you can use shortcut key when iTunes is opened cmd+option+e.  Click on On checkbox to make it work, and adjust the sound.

Q: Why Skype or any other app starts automatically when I start my Mac? Can I turn auto startup on an App?

Yes, you can turn off auto startup of an app. Follow these steps

  • Open System preferences
  • Click on Users and Groups
  • Click on Login Items
  • Select App that you want to remove from startup item
  • Click on – sign

We know these are not all the questions that a users may have, but we are open to add more and more. Comment below all the questions you want us to answer, and we will add here.