List of top 5 Mobile Application Processor Manufacturers

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What do you think about the demand of Mobile Application Processors? What happened in 2015? We assumed the result to be green, but this is not the case. Mobile Application Processor Market declined by 4 percent to reach $20.1 Billion. However, Samsung LSI managed to stand under top 5 Manufacturers, but Qualcomm still leads.

2015 turned out to be an amazing year for Samsung. Samsung LSI managed to double the shipment of Mobile Application Processor with the help of its 14nm Chipsets. We already know how powerful and popular Exynos 7420 Processor is. Even Meizu Pro 5 features the same CPU along with Galaxy S6 series and Note 5 devices. Samsung is accounted for around 50 million Chipsets shipment in 2015, and they shipped over 300 million mobile devices. 15 percent of those devices features Samsung’s made Application Processors (around 45 million). So only 5 million seems to be used by other companies.

2015 was the year of 64-bit Application Processors, and it is accounted for 50 percent of all shipment. Intel is very popular when we talk about a Computer CPUs, but it has just 1 percent share among manufacturer as far as Mobile Application Processor shipment is concerned.

Qualcomm has nothing to do with any Apple Products directly, but they also faced strong competition as Samsung started to rise and doubled its shipment. So Qualcomm lost its share from 52 percent (in 2104) to 42 Percent (in 2015). Snapdragon 810 was also responsible for this fall, because many manufacturers avoided this Processor due to its heat issue. It turned out to be the most criticized Chipset manufactured by Qualcomm. However, Qualcomm is still a leader holding the first position in Mobile Application Processor Shipment.

Apple is runner up holding the second position, even those chips are used only in Apple devices. Apple doesn’t produce any Chipsets directly. They design and it is manufactured by TSMC or Samsung. Mediatek is at 3rd position, Samsung LSI at 4th and Spreadtrum hold the 5th position.

List of Top 5 Mobile Application Processor Manufacturers (2015)

List of Top 5 Mobile Application Processors

1st : Qualcomm : 42 Percent

2nd : Apple : 21 Percent

3rd : Mediatek : 19 Percents

Others : 18 Percent (includes Samsung, Spreadtrum and all other manufacturers)

4th : Samsung

5th : Spreadtrum