Leaked images of LG Curved Edge display phone

After Samsung, LG is also preparing smartphone with dual curved edge. The device would have curved at both the side of its edge, just like Galaxy S6 Edge. However, Galaxy S6 Edge features 2K display, but LG Curved Edge Display Phone has HD display (1280 X 720 pixels). The leaked image what has been spotted is just a prototype, and LG may improved the resolution later.

Have a look at LG Curved edge display phone

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As you can see, the device has written LG Display on it. LG would not launch a phone mentioning LG Display on the smartphone’s front. They are still testing and has made this prototype wrapping it in plastic body, it would be improved further and may have better resolution when finally launched. According to leak, LG Curved edge display phone prototype has 6 inches display.

There is no information about the hardware or other tech specs. If LG keeps the same HD display, it would be a mid-range phone. However, LG would have the opportunity to launch with Snapdragon 820 SoC and 2K display to make it a premium device. Let’s see where LG stands.

Source (in Chinese)

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