Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Price Drop

Coming events cast their shadows before. I hope you must have heard of this term, haven’t you? 13 August is possibly the date when Samsung will introduce the two new smartphone Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Note 5. So it’s time to wrap and sale the olde models fast. This seems to be the case as Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Price Drop came into light.

Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Price Drop

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and s6 price drop

Samsung Netherlands has dropped € 100 from Galaxy S6. For ex: 32GB model went down from € 699 to € 599 and so on… Even the current price of 32GB Galaxy S6 is $ 655 in Netherlands if you convert the Euro into USD. However, you can buy Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB model for $ 600 in the US from Amazon without any contract. So this is without the price drop.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and s6 price drop in Netherlands

Samsung Netherlands has also dropped price of Galaxy S6 Edge by € 150. So the old price € 849 has been brought down to 699 ($ 765). Well, Galaxy S6 Edge is available for $ 700 on Amazon store (Off contract). No Price Drop in the US has happened.

Even after the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Price Drop, Samsung Netherlands users are still paying more than any US user.

In the UAE, you can get Galaxy S6 32GB Dual SIM model for $ 517 USD only (1899 AED), and Galaxy S6 Edge can be bought for $ 542 only (1989 AED). This price has been found on Souq.comSo Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Price Drop in this country is more than any other country in the world.

After 13 August, you can expect Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 price drop in more countries. If you are going to buy Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, you should wait till 13 August. The price may drop or you can even change your mind to buy the latest model from Samsung. Both the new models are expected to have 4GB RAM and better technical specs than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 was meant to compete Apple’s latest iPhone. However, it did compete in terms of technical specifications, but remained far behind in terms of sale and profit generation.

Update : T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Price Drop in US

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