Leaked image of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the high-end smartphones that users have been waiting for eagerly, at least to know the exact tech specs. There are so many leaks on Galaxy Note 5, even the rumor about early launch in August is all over the internet. Today, we will show you a leaked image of brand new S-Pen that Galaxy Note 5 will debut.

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Leak

If you check the image carefully, you will notice one image with longer top and the other has the smaller one. These are not 2 pens, but Galaxy Note 5 will feature the clickable top. Clickable top will probably be used to show or hide the tip of the S-Pen, just like we used to do with traditional pens (or we still do). The clickable top of S-Pen Galaxy Note 5 may also be used to separate S-Pen from the device, or may be for both the purpose.

Galaxy Note 5 has iPhone 6s and 6s Plus behind (or may be ahead), so Samsung will certainly try to do its best to be competitive. Users’ expectations have also increased about the design after Galaxy S6, and will not expect the same plastic body like its predecessor. However, All will be clear in August (if early launch happens, else in September).


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