iPhone Pro and iPhone SE exposure

iPhone SE

We have already seen a couple of leaked front panels of iPhone SE that suggest the missing 3D touch from the device. iPhone SE has also been rumored to carry iPhone 5S like design but with little curved on its edge. However, earlier a leaked video showed the device with iPhone 6 like design, and now another leaked image that we found on Weibo doesn’t make any iPhone 5S like appearance. Here is the device with box that is being said to be iPhone SE.

iPhone SE real image

No one knows for sure about the design and model. It was being said to be named as iPhone SE, but the box shows iPhone 5SE, and the design is quite doubtful. I won’t argue if someone says it is iPhone 6. iPhone SE is expected to arrive this month along with iPad Pro Mini.

iPhone 7 Pro / iPhone Pro

Apple has been rumored for launching iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with dual rear camera, but there is new rumor now. According to a Chinese News Site (MyDriver), Apple would make little adjustment in model name. iPhone 7 Plus is being said to be named as iPhone Pro, and this could be the only model to feature dual rear camera.

It seems based on recent rumor, this could be just a guess, because Apple has been rumored to launch iPhone 5SE as iPhone SE, and iPad Air 3 as iPad Pro (Mini variant with 9.7-inch display). And this is the main reason iPhone 7 Plus is being rumored as iPhone Pro now.

What do you think? Can this be true?

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