IPhone 6 Plus Bends Easily, Customers post their comments after having devices In their Pockets

iPhone 6 Plus

On Friday September 19th was the day that the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit the market and came in the hands of customers or those who booked their mobile devices already; as you know the new smart phones from Apple are made of aluminum as well and aluminum is a softer metal so the iPhone 6 Plus is much comfortable device that you can bend if you want to put in the back pocket; moreover you will feel relaxed.

The problem of relapse started when iPhone 6 Plus users began reporting that the new device bends while just keep it in front pocket, (seemingly so great iPhone 6 Plus) and place it in the front pocket makes the movement of Smart Cell bend in an area that is emerging very weak at the top end and right there the volume buttons are located.

A YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has decided to test the iPhone 6 Plus to see the extent to which pressure can be resisted in the new iPhone 6 Plus and found that if pressure is put with both hands on the iPhone 6 Plus the results were strange. The pressure bends the metal also the front panel is kept bent but don’ break the glass; while resistance demonstrated complaining results for metal.

There is no report came to front from Apple; the company is expecting the same statements in this regard means the company want to collect positive response. Though not only uanpersona posted such comments but several users who have posted their images on social networking posted comments with the same problem.

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