How to Buy OnePlus 2 without invite?

Buy OnePlus 2 without invite

OnePlus 2 limited sale is due to happen on 11 August in Paris on Colette Fashion store. If you are not in Paris, you must not be happy about it. Apart of this, there is one more issue that will prevent you from buying OnePlus 2, and that’s the invite. Users with the invitation will get the device first, and those without the invite will have to wait longer. We have the solution for you.

How to Buy OnePlus 2 without invite?

There are websites where you can buy OnePlus 2 without invite, and here is the list:


16GB with 3GB RAM : $ 359

64GB with 4GB RAM : $ 459


16GB with 3GB RAM : $ 380

64GB with 4GB RAM : $ 480


You can also buy OnePlus 2 without invite from Aliexpress, but their prices are either similar to Giztop or higher.

Oppomart is the best online store to get OnePlus 2 at cheaper price as long as it’s not officially launched for all users. The official price what we know of OnePlus is $ 329 for 16GB model and $ 389 for 64GB. When you buy from Oppomart, you pay additional $ 30 for 16GB and $ 70 for 64GB. However, this is the only way to buy as for now if you are too curios and can’t hold your horses.

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Before you go ahead to order OnePlus 2, let me remind you something if you missed the news. OnePlus has announced officially that they will launch another device in December. Is it OnePlus 3? I don’t think so. There should be another model of OnePlus 2 that may bring 2K display and NFC that existing OnePlus 2 lacks. However, there another guess that OnePlus may launch a mini version with downgraded specs at lower price. So it’s up to you whether you want to wait until December or get the one what is available now.

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