Buy OnePlus 2 on 11 August : Limited Sale

Buy OnePlus 2 on first sale in paris

OnePlus has announced officially that you can buy OnePlus 2 on 11 August that will have limited limited stock. OnePlus 2 will be sold until stock lasts. You must have a question in your mind: where to buy?

What is the unique thing about the OnePlus 2 Limited Sale?

OnePlus always try to put different approach to bring its new smartphones. So there they are! OnePlus 2 will be sold in a fashion store in Paris. You must have heard of Colette. It is a famous fashion store in Paris that has an online store as well to ship its items worldwide. So Colette is the fashion store where OnePlus 2 will go for its first sale.

There will be great rush as this is the first time OnePlus 2 will be sold. There is no detail about its pricing and available quantity, but it’s limited for sure. You can try to be in Queue from midnight to buy OnePlus 2 it in the morning if you want. Just kidding!

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Location and time to buy OnePlus 2


213 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

Tuesday, August 11, 11:00 am CEST (GMT +1)

Get ready for OnePlus 2 limited sale on Tuesday. Don’t be jealous if you are not in Paris. 😉

Good Luck!



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