Hold on until March 1 before you buy Galaxy S7 or LG G5

We know that you have waited so long for LG G5 or Galaxy S7, and can’t wait to buy or pre-order one for you, but you should certainly wait until March 1 before you order one, at least those users must wait where Vivo Phones are available.

Those who care more about brand than specs, there is no need to wait. However, Whether it’s Samsung, LG or any other company smart users care what the device has got inside, and not the name they carry.

So what are the reasons we are asking to hold on until March 1?

All the Android users who want a high-end device seeks Snapdragon 820 CPU and Adreno 530 GPU, and not even Exynos 8890 can beat Snapdragon 820 Performance. Those who don’t find Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon 820 chipset in their region, they have the choice to buy LG G5 or choose Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890 CPU. However, what about a device with something more and less price? Vivo Phones are usually less expensive compared to Samsung or LG devices, so you can expect the same with Vivo XPlay 5.

Vivo XPlay 5

Vivo XPlay 5

Vivo XPlay 5 is ready to bring some things you can’t get in any Smartphone. Vivo claimed via its Weibo Post to bring 5 new features/hardware that you won’t find in any other smartphones. One of them is 6GB RAM that Vivo has already confirmed. Here are some quick features that Vivo indicated or confirmed about Vivo XPlay 5

6GB LPDDR4 RAM (confirmed)

Snapdragon 820 CPU (confirmed)

Borderless/Bezel-less design (Confirmed)

Edge Display (Hinted)

Vivo XPlay 5 Confirmed

There may be a lot more Vivo can give, and Vivo will reveal everything on March 1 at 19:30. The event will be held at Beijing Water Cube.

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