Google Removes Plus Button from Google’s Websites

Google removes Plus sign from Google Pages

We used to get Plus (+) button along with our name while using Google, and it doesn’t matter we were using Google search or Gmail, Plus Button (+) was always there. Now, I don’t see any Plus sign like that. If you have not noticed, please check. Plus button has been removed for some reason and there is no update about it. It’s not showing Plus button even though you are on Google Plus.

Google removes Plus Sign

Google Plus is one of the popular social network, but not as popular as Facebook or Twitter. Google had one popular social network known as “Orkut.” Orkut and Facebook was launched same year in 2004, and Twitter was launched even later in 2006. Orkut failed to Facebook and Twitter, and was shut down in 2014. Google has made an another attempt launching its another platform “Google Plus.”

Google has already said earlier that they have plan to split the services, like Hangouts, Stream and photos. Google is not shutting Google Plus down, but trying to improve the service to make it work better. If you use it a lot, you may be surprised to see and those who hardly use it will have no affect. Recently, Google also made a great change in Google Photos to provide Unlimited storage for Photos and Videos. So let’s hope that Google will bring something good from it.

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