Get iPhone 6 for $ 15 per month with any smartphone trade in

Sprint iPhone forever and Smartphone trade in offer

If you want to upgrade your old iPhone or any other smartphone to iPhone 6, this is the right time. Sprint has great offer running for a limited time. There are 2 offers that we will explain.

$ 15 iPhone 6 offer with Smartphone Trade-in

Any new and upgrade eligible customer can avail this offer. You need to bring any smartphone you have, and you can get iPhone 6 16GB. You will pay $ 15 per months for 22 months (lease) plus monthly rental for the plan. It is valid only with Individual Unlimited Plan or Family Share pack Plan. The offer is valid till 31 December. You can still avail it after 31st, but the monthly fee will be increase to $ 22 per month. If you upgrade by the end of this year, your monthly fee will remain $ 15 per month even after 31 December.

$ 22 iPhone Forever Offer

This offer allows you to bring any iPhone and upgrade to iPhone 6 16GB. It will be for 21 months lease, and you will be paying $ 22 a month plus monthly plan rental. New and Upgrade eligible customer can get this offer. It is available on any eligible Sprint rate plan, and upgrade eligibility is always included in the price. You can get it from any Sprint branded retail stores, Best Buy,,Target or can even call their helpline. The device will be offered at the spot, so you don’t need to wait.

There are other carries offering the same kind of deal, but Sprint claims to offer the best deal. Here is the comparison view

Sprint iPhone Foreve and iPhone trade in

Visit Sprint for more information


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