How to get email address

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You must have seen many email accounts that use domain instead of However, finding a way to create email is impossible. When you visit the website GoogleMail.Com or Gmail.Com, it redirects users automatically to Mail.Google.Com. Creating any Google Account make you eligible to get a free Gmail address in the format “” So the question is how do users get a GoogleMail.Com email address?

How Can I Get GoogleMail.Com Email Address?

Did you know that you already have an email address with domain? If you have a Gmail account, the same account can be used with domain. If you don’t have an account, just create a Gmail account. For example, you have an email address as “” that means you also have an email address as “” You can ask your friends/family/clients to send emails to any of them, and those emails will hit your inbox for sure.

GoogleMail Com Email

So there is no special trick to get a email address. Use your Gmail address and replace with and share this email with your contacts. You will keep receiving emails without any issue.

When someone sends you an email to instead of and you reply that email, the send will receive the reply from

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