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How long will you search for getting the exact site of a professional company or enterprise? Sometimes you may end up in wrong sites and waste your time. Now, check out the sites with a new application-Email Hunter. It will lead you to many addresses when you enter a site address in the search tab. Let us have an overall view of the application.

What Is An Email Hunter?

Email Hunter is an application that provides the fastest way to browse the email addresses of the professional sites. Earlier it was available only as a website, but now it has been made even more flexible by enabling with Chrome and LinkedIn. It enhances to easy browsing and collects all the email addresses across the globe.

Email Hunter is free for Chrome and they have provided 200 free searches per months and can upgrade, if needed. In Linkedin, the Email Hunter helps to get the contact information of the professionals.

Email Hunter for Chrome:

Once when the Email Hunter is installed in your Chrome, at the right-end; near to the search bar you can see a button indicating the Email Hunter. The user doesn’t need to go with a new tab or site in search of the Email Hunter.

The button is as shown;

Email Hunter Chrome Extension

The Email Hunter looks like;

Email Hunter view

When searching for site crunchbase.com, the Email Hunter shows these results. You will be informed with the number of searches found with the corresponding site and the sources. The following segment gives you an elaborate idea of its working.

How Email Hunter Works?

The working of the application is simple and elegant. When Email Hunter is installed along with the Chrome, you can click on the Email Hunter tab when you search a site in the search tab of the Chrome. It will give you the results of the other professional sites or related contacts to you’re searching.

From the drop down list, near the site address, you will get the many sites (sources related) and can choose it accordingly.

Sources sites email hunter

For the authentication purposes, Email Hunter will ask you to create an account after few search proceedings; it has kept a limit for the access. Once, if you have an account, you can search the sites for ‘Personal’ or ‘Generic’ addresses. Under ‘Personal’, it shows the personal sites available for the specified site whereas in ‘Generic’, you will come across the mix of the entire site (Personal and General).

Email Hunter Generic and Personal

Further, the application allows you to download the search results in CSV formats. But, you will have some formalities of paying the price.

Email Hunter in LinkedIn

With Email Hunter in LinkedIn, you can get the professionals to your list and later, their contact information too. It provides an ‘Email’ button to each of the profile for opening up the email addresses. The address is provided by guessing the first name, last name and company address. The guess is made with full confidenceand so, it’s not a failure.

There are three permissions asked by the Email hunter:

  • Access your data on all websites
  • Access your tabs and browsing activity
  • Communicate with cooperating websites

These are done for getting the access right for keeping the ‘Email’ button, to get all the names of the domain visited, etc.


With Email Hunter you can get the addresses of the professional sites easily and the installation of the application is much easier. Hope a brief idea about the application is obtained from this session. Hurry up and grab Email Hunter for easy browsing.

Author: Peter has over 20 years experience in IT industry and he is also working with data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products, especially in Microsoft Outlook, and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.


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