How to Setup Email Forwarding for your Gmail Account

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Gmail is one of the most popular email service provider that comes with free 15GB storage. Gmail also allows to setup POP or IMAP for free to configure Gmail on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac or any other devices.

Along with many other features, Email Filter and Forwarding option is very useful. You can forward all your incoming emails to any other email account, or use email Filter Option to Forward emails of some certain senders.

How to Setup Email Forwarding for Gmail Account

  • Visit
  • Login with your Google ID and Password
  • Once logged in, Click Settings iCon (Gear icon), and then select Settings

gmail settings

  • Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP option
  • Now you can click Add a forwarding address and then enter a different email address if you want all the incoming emails to be forwarded to any other email address

Email Forward

  • A verification link/code will be sent to the email address where you want to forward incoming emails. You can either click on the link sent to that email or enter the verification code that is sent to your forwarding email address
  • Once verification code in entered, Forwarding email address will be added successfully, but email forwarding will be in disabled status
  • To forward all emails to the added email, Select the checkbox “Forward a copy of incoming mail to“, and you can choose to keep/move/delete such emails from your Gmail Account after is forwarded

Disable Email Forwarding

  • If you want to forward only emails from some certain senders, Keep the email forwarding option disabled, and click “Creating a Filter!” option
  • Now Enter the email addresses (separate by comma) into From” field, and hit Create filter with this Search

Filter Creating

  • Now you will get some more options in the next page. You need to check the box that says “Forward it to,” and then select the Email Address from drop down list. The email address you have added earlier as forwarding email will appear here
  • Finally, Click “Create Filter” option

Filter email You will start seeing a notification at the top under you Gmail Web Page. It will keep appearing for a few days to let know you know what change you have made

Mail Notification

Note : While creating a filter, you can also define other terms to filter emails, like Subject, Words Inclusion, Attachments etc..

How to Remove or Edit Email Filter

As we mentioned that you will see a notification at the top of the gmail page, and you can simply click on “Review Settings” to make any change or remove existing filter. Once notifications disappears from there, follow these steps to edit any existing email filter or delete them;

  • Visit Gmail, go to its settings like we did while setting up a filter or email forwarding
  • Click Filters and Blocked Addresses
  • Here you can see the existing filters, edit/delete them, and you can even create or import a new filter

Edit or Delete Gmail Filter